WATERTOWN – From exercises and vacations together in the treatment of breast cancer, the team of mother and daughter Stephanie and Kayla Burr have always shared a special bond, according to the elderly Burr, who is now on a new adventure with her daughter .

The couple just opened Simply Bowls & Co., a healthy food business in 469 Main St ..

The menu offers “build your own dishes”, which comes with a base made from fresh fruit, to which customers can add additives such as chia seeds, coconut flakes and kiwi.

Smoothies come in flavors, including “Mojito Mama,” made from spinach, pineapple, mint, and lime; and protein shakes such as “Peanut Butter”, which is made from oat milk, cranberry, cocoa ribs and other natural ingredients, which are also sold in the store.

Breakfast items include scrambled eggs and protein pancakes, and lunches consist of rice bowl, wrappers, sandwiches and salads.

All food is made fresh on the 1,200-square-foot business premises, which previously remained free for many years, according to Stephanie Burr, 50.

As all items are picked up and gone, there are about 20 seats inside and a table outside the store.

Mother-daughter relationship

Burr previously worked as a clinical nutritionist at Vibrant Health, an additional company in Shelton. During Easter 2019, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer.

Burr said her daughter, who is 20 years old and is taking virtual classes in health science at Quinnipiac University, was her support system at every step of the way.

“She went through all the operations with me,” said Elder Burr. “She helped me when I had chemo and was my voice during my treatment.”

As one of nine children, the elderly man never had “such a close relationship with my mother because they were six daughters,” she said, adding “I appreciate her.”

After radiation, chemotherapy, lymphectomy and double mastectomy, Burr is now in remission and is concentrating all her energy on her new business.

Other family members, including Husband’s husband, Darren, a chef; and boys Jacob, 24, and Alex, 22, also help shop.

As a board-certified nutritionist and personal trainer, Stephanie Burr operates her 20-year practice, Simply Health, in an office within Simply Bowls.

Ingredients of learning

Stephanie Burr said that often food serving countries are reluctant to share the ingredients found on their plates or even give their own “secret” recipe. She advises consumers if they are not sure where an item came from – ask.

“We think food should not be hidden,” said Kayla Burr, adding that everyone who works at Simply Bowls will share the ingredients of everything on the menu.

“This is about education. Why would you take something I know nothing about? “It’s no secret,” said Stephanie Burr.

Moreover, it is not in favor of using powders on dishes.

“This is not the way to eat,” she said. “We fill the gaps with fillings. “We do not build on supplements.”

Most people do not eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables, the elderly man added. “We are in a refined world. “So a lot of people eat processed food,” she said.

Kayla Burr said she adapts the ingredients according to each client’s taste and personal requirements. Clients range from body builders to those who want to satisfy a great desire.

“So much fun,” said Kayla Burr, about owning the business so far. “It was great to get a whole team and see how everyone balances together. “I have people from all the different cities working here – from Wolcott, Waterbury and Thomaston – we are all here for the same thing – to be able to eat the kinds of food we already eat at home.”

The store is open from Tuesday to Sunday. For more information, visit simplybowlslsco.com or call 860-417-2663.