BRIDGE CITY – The intersection along Cow Bayou near Texas Avenue in Bridge City is one of the most unique dining experiences in Southeast Texas.

High Tides offers attendees the ability to retreat to their boat, get gas, a meal, and listen to live music.

The business features a beach cabin style model with opportunities to eat indoors, outdoors and even along the bay.

The restaurant opened three weeks before dinner at pandemic closing services, which kept the restaurant’s ambitious plans on hold.

The large High Tides trail allows the restaurant to offer several outdoor opportunities as well as plan for more in the near future.

“When they first introduced me to this restaurant and I saw the layout and demographics of the area, I knew it was something new and fresh with the potential to become so much more,” said manager Alex Abrego.

The business started by serving Yes guys and boiled seafood.

“Our menu was very limited,” Abrego said. “We had a different atmosphere at the time, which people really enjoy. But after the COVID phase, we really expanded. We started serving grilled items and hamburgers were added to the family. “Every few months we are looking to add something to make it bigger and better.”

Abrego said Tides Cuisine’s next effort will be to add menu items for the winter.

“(Winter) is our slowest season,” he said. “You can say it is a place of the sea, of wine, of shrimp. Winter time is a little less. That’s why we added burgers. We will add different soups. We will have chicken noodle soup and maybe a vegetable soup for vegans and non-meat eaters. ”

Seven months ago, High Tides added gumbo, which is served year-round and has become a popular choice.

“We are on the brink of fried and non-fried food,” Abrego said. “I feel like the difference between us and a lot of countries is the fact that we don’t just make fried food. It’s a little different and people do not know how to expect it to come here. We talked about making an etouffée and something like that, but we still have to work out those things. “

more fun

Customers can play a washer game or watch sporting events on one of the many televisions in the restaurant.

High Tides has already set up one beach volleyball area with another to be completed in the near future. The food has a bar as well as a stand for snow cone and oyster near bayou.

“Washer tours and corn hole races are the next thing you will come here for,” Abrego said. “Once we get a little better with our tournament organization and get people serious about playing, that will be the next goal for sure. The next thing people will hear is our volleyball tournaments.

“We have the white sand area. In front of the volleyball court, we have paved sand to get enough to have a beach environment for some lawn chairs. “We want people to have an area where people can get food and relax like sand.”

Abrego said High Tides is trying to become the face of Bridge City.

“We are the talk of the town nowadays and we want to keep it that way,” he said.