The “Buffalo Chicken Doughscuit” is just one of the new culinary creations to be on display at the Minnesota State Fair this year. (Minnesota State Fair)

(NEXSTAR) – If you have never eaten a buffalo-flavored chicken “dough cloth”, the Minnesota State Fair will soon give you an opportunity to correct it.

The fair, which starts in less than two months, has released details of its new food offerings for 2021, which include not only “dough clothes”, but also cognac-infected bacon sandwiches and sweet potatoes, deep fry, among other brands- new culinary creations.

“The Minnesota State Fair has added 26 new official foods and four new food vendors to the extended menu already offered at the Greater Minnesota Get-Together,” organizers confirmed in a recent press release. “In total, nearly 500 foods will be available at 300 different concession sites throughout the fairs.”

However, these new offers can be among the most intriguing. Deep fried foods, fatty meats and cheese seem to be common themes (as always), but more than a few of the vendors seem to be combining them in unexpected ways. Highlights include:

  • Buffalo chicken dressing, described as a “cookie-style donut” stuffed with chopped chicken and stuffed with buffalo cream and pieces of bacon
  • Cracklin Prime Nachos, which consist of fried pork skins stuffed with chopped ribs, nacho cheese and pico de gallo
  • Nordic chicken and pasta views, consisting of a fried chicken drum and pasta and cheese, all wrapped in a waffle and filled with honey. There is also a sweeter “I-Scream” version, featuring the kettle horn and a whole ice cream sandwich inside the waffle
  • Puff Spufull, a fried medicine containing sweet cream cheese and mashed potatoes, served with maple dipping sauce
  • Hopper Island, a dug pineapple, stuffed with pieces of teriyaki chicken, pineapple and rice
  • Burger Waffle, basically a cheese burger with two “sweetened” waffles instead of buns

Other new items include s’mores flavored funnel cakes, sashimi tacos, cucumber-jalapeno lemonade, caramelized banana pudding and sandwiches and bowls in banh mi style.

The Waffle Burger is described as a “half-pound bacon chocolate burger served between two sweet candied waffles stuffed with maple with one side of maple syrup.” (Minnesota State Fair)

“The 26 new foods for this year range from deep-fried, on a stick, gluten-free, tasty and sweet,” the fair organizers said in a statement shared with Nexstar. “There will always be something for everyone to enjoy!”

It’s too early to say which of the dishes will be the biggest hit at this year ‘s fair, but at least one of Oregon’s most famous people hopes more for the more traditional offerings. Before the new foods were announced, chef and TV personality Andrew Zimmern of “Bizarre Foods” and “Delicious Destinations” said on Twitter that he would prefer “not to eat a taco of fried fruit inside a game of pizza. wildly wrapped in a flat of bread baked in vegan cheese on a stick. ”Instead, he hoped the vendors would” keep it simple. “

He later noted that some of the new foods “Sounds very promising.”

A full list of new foods at the Minnesota State Fair 2021, and when or where they will be available, can be found on the official Fair website.

This year’s festivities begin on August 26th and continue through September 6th.