The Gospel Community Church has been distributing fresh food items in Kendall Perkins Park several days a week to help feed those in need in the community.

Rev. Danny Hinton, evangelical Community Church preacher, said the church has been able to provide food regularly in the park in recent weeks, feeding 60 to 70 families each week, due to the increase in church food pantries and a fresh flows and fast-breaking food donations.

Hinton appreciates the work in the food pantry and its growth church member Linda Payne, who took over it about three years ago.

“It was a small closet when I ran it,” he said. “Linda got it about three years ago and she has gone from four shelves of canned products to a large room that now has a food closet (and) closet; we are able to distribute feminine hygiene products and deliver them to women; we have distributed diapers and baby needs to single mothers, and this has been all the brain child and sweat work of a… member of our church who just loves people and loves Jesus. ”

Due to the recent rise in the food pantry, Hinton said the church has been able to obtain food items such as milk, bread, greens, fruits and even fresh vegetables from the Alliance’s “Deep Roots” community garden. Northwest of the Neighborhood.

Since perishable and fresh food items do not have a shelf life of canned items, Hinton said they should be distributed as soon as they get inside, which started the church by distributing food boxes in Kendall Perkins Park.

“Our goal is the day we take them in, they go out,” he said. “I would think we had between 16 and 25 families this morning who disappeared for our food, but this is happening two to three times a week … so I would say we are more than 60 to 70 families per week that are becoming affected ”.

The Gospel Community Church also collaborates with other local churches and grocery stores, such as King’s Table, Woodlawn Methodist and Bellevue Baptist Church, and several others, according to Hinton.

The church also provides food to those in the community and within the church who are disabled and unable to go out to buy or receive food, another expansion of the food cellar he trusts Payne.

Hinton said the food pantry saw an increase in need during the pandemic, which has declined in recent months. However, he said with recent donations of perishable items, the church is even busier than in pandemic months distributing food.

The food depot currently has four refrigerators, two freezers, plenty of shelf space and is still growing, Hinton said.

“The fact that we are able to get more simply means we are pushing more,” he said. “By the grace of God, we just had space in the building while we were renovating and we just opened a piece of the building and gave it to (Linda) and she is actually surpassing her as we talk.”