Chris Byrne, president of Byrne Communications, digs into consumer product programs inspired by food and beverage brands to see which companies were thrown into the gang, and whether or not it will leave a good taste in customers’ mouths.

SOURCE It’s not uncommon to see familiar characters from children’s content appearing on food packaging like granola rods or juice boxes, but a new trend is for food and beverage companies to release toy lines inspired by their own brands edible. Earlier this year, Wisconsin-based Impact Confections partnered with Pennsylvania Kangaroo to release fragrance writing inspired by the Warheads brand of dried candy (pictured below). The range of stationery and art materials has been created to summon the colors and aromas of sweets, through a licensing agreement brokered by Alita’s Brand Bar and Lisa Marks Associates.

Bandwagon Warheads

SWEET “Grocery or restaurant roles are a classic role model for kids,” says Byrne. “But looking at food itself as an inspiration for toys is a really fun way to approach a consumer product program. This means that you are looking at the property more as a lifestyle brand than a food brand. “

seasoning And while most toy ranges rely on classic game models or stories from TV series or movies to inspire items, brand-based offers should think outside the box when it comes to design. “What types of categories you follow really depends on the essence of the brand,” says Byrne. “For example, with a brand like Skittles, it ‘s clear that you’re going to focus on the colors and play by the’ Enjoy the Rainbow ‘label.”

SELTY Ravensburger’s Taco Bell Party Pack (pictured above) plays in the mix and match offerings of the restaurant. Available for $ 16.99 starting this month, the card game is designed for two to six people ages eight and up, and challenges players to collect Taco Bell food items to feed their “crew.” Once players have satisfied the specific desires of their crew, they receive a point in the form of a “desired” chip. Once all the chips have been collected, the player with the most points wins.

Strange In 2020, Jakks Pacific launched a multi-year global licensing deal to release toys inspired by Haribo Group confectionery products. Jakks will manufacture, market and distribute these collections and activities throughout North America and EMEA. Its range includes items based on the German confectionery Goldbears brands (pictured below), Twin Snakes and Happy-Cola. The first products are set to hit the shelves in August, and additional extensions, including figures and stuffing, are in the works.

The Haribo Bandwagon was sized

LESS “The strength of a brand is in its ability to engage with people. This trend means that children will engage with these food brands outside of meal time, “says Byrne. As more and more children literally play with their food, it is an opportunity for these companies to expand their reach by dinner table in toy box.But not every food item is created equal, he says – so do not expect Brussels sprouts to lead the next big toy line.