You plan to eat on the Fourth of July. In fact, you can eat a lot. Americans tend to celebrate their freedom every summer with a few pounds of meat, side starches and something cool to drink. But what do you consider the best of the best when it comes to fourth foods?

Among burgers, BBQ and hot dog, which main course regulates the annual preparation of Independence Day? Do you consider any of the traditional favorites overrated?

Here is how we would list our favorite Fourth of July meals:

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Local Foods: Numerous Tee Salads at Flint Farmers Market

Do you enjoy the potato salad on the Fourth of July? (Jake May | May |

10) Potato salad

It’s just too hot for that. We already have a lot of mayonnaise and / or mustard choking our hot dog herds or hamburgers, so we will choose the other sides more suitable for the weather, although we know you will love it for this occasion. See you in the fall, potato salad.

Seeds on plate

Fresh corn on the cob at Belle Meadow Farm. Photo by Cary Norton.

9) Corn on the cob

We consider this an understated addition to the Fourth of July plate, but we understand where it might sit in the side hierarchy. Above all, a yellow corn ear brings aesthetic value to the meal, coming out on what will probably be a red plastic plate as you gather and shake the flies.

Free Farm Show food court

Fresh squeezed lemonade at the Pa. Foundation stand. FFA at the Food Court Free Farm Show on January 5, 2018. Joe Hermitt | HARHAR

8) Lemonade

If you do not imboni, there is nothing better than a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. Goes great with any dish you make. And if you see a lemonade that stands this quarter, do the child a favor and fork over 50 cents. But the question is, do you go home or shop bought here? To each one …

Dinner by Chi'Soul, Syracuse, NY

Are baked beans a must for you with your barbecue? (Jared Paventi | Paventi | jaredpaventi @ gma

7) Roasted beans

Some consider roasted beans an essential part of barbecue of any kind. While we would not go that far, we respect his place among the cooking items of all time, especially when you have to surround your meat dish with something … healthy?

Super Bowl Food

Slaw is a side you will see almost every fourth of July. (Stephanie Yao Long, The Oregonian / OregonLive)

6) Cole Slaw

This is the fourth turn of July, but we recommend going lightly to the mayo in that summer heat. You are already working with plenty of red meat, fat and sodium, you do not want to overdo it. But she it’s a holiday, so …

Local Food: West Point Lounge

Burgers are not remembered for the fourth. ( Scott Park |

5) Burger

Burgers are usually the king of any cooking. If this is grilling this or any fourth of July, we are happy. But if you have more meat on the menu, better to remove the scarf, we will give the burger the day off, at least until the next holiday.

Judging the competition for fair baking in the Lebanon area

Apple pie notes with blue ribbon. Entries in the baking categories are valued at the 63rd Annual Lebanon Area Fair held at the Lebanon Area Fair, July 22, 2019. Dan Gleiter |

4) Flag Cake / Pie

You need something sweet and you have a lot to choose from. If you do not have a cranberry flag cake for stars and strawberries and icing, do not just taste something American like apple pie – make a slice or two apple pie, with vanilla ice cream. Maybe a short strawberry shortcake or a red, white and blue Pop Bomb … treat that sweet tooth with a linen too.


Do you like one or two cold on the Fourth of July? (Ben Flanagan /

3) Beer

Hot day Cold beer. Make it a microbrew, or enjoy an IPA from a local article. Regardless, you certainly plan to be invited on July 4th or two, and who can blame you? Celebrate your freedom responsibly, people.

The ribs of Archibald

Are Archibald ribs the best food you can get in the college football landscape? (Ben Flanagan /

2) Barbecue

Ribs, pulled pork, chicken quarters, smoked Boston butt. It does not matter. We want barbecue on the fourth. Load up the plate. We’ll be back in seconds. Pile on all sides you can have, too, as long as there is no problem drowning out pork of all kinds. And remember, Barbecue is something you eat, not something you do. It is a noun, not a verb.

Hot dogs

Hot dogs are the perfect food for the fourth of July. (Ben Flanagan /

1) Hot Dogs

July 4th is dog day. Hot Dogs take a back seat to burgers and barbecues very often, but it is the simplest and most enjoyable grilled item to help you celebrate our independence. Plus, it is no coincidence that ESPN broadcasts the annual Nathan Hot Dog Food Contest from Coney Island every July 4th. They don’t look exactly delightful when Joey Chestnut and his “competition” joke down after they had submerged their herds in buckets of water. But did you ever turn down a hot dog on the fourth of July? It is unlikely.

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