GLOVERSVILLE – On Friday, the Downtown Food Truck continues to be celebrated and supported by economic development officials, the public and local businesses.

Gloversville Center Development Specialist James Hannahs recently told the Fulton County Center for the regional growth board that Friday lunch entertainment continues to receive a positive response.

“I think it will be a successful program,” Tha Hannahs.

The program includes several food trucks lined up downtown at lunchtime on Friday near Castiglione Park. Hannahs noted that in the past two weeks, the program has experimented with blocking a section of North Main Street for trucks. He said the program is trying to include more business activities on North Main Street, rather than just off Elm Street.

“We are trying to make some changes,” Tha Hannahs. “We are interested in downtown events.”

Hannahs said “Purpose” at this point is to talk to more businesses and see what they like and dislike about Friday Truck Food for next year.

Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce President Mark Kilmer commented, “James, you have done a wonderful job. “It’s really bringing a lot of people downtown.”

“You guys did a nice job,” added the chairman of the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency, Joseph Semione.

Semione said he recently drove through downtown Gloversville and personally witnessed the success of Food Truck Friday. He said it was “Amazed” to see the activity on Friday, with plenty of parking still available.

Elsewhere in his CRG report, Hannahs said the last banner was hung for Gloversville’s Hometown Heroes banner program. Local citizens have had a chance to honor service members by also helping beautify the city center by purchasing memorial banners hanging on candlesticks.

Hannahs said he recently attended an economic development class.

In his IDA report, Semione also mentioned the major expansion planned by medical marijuana firm Vireo Health at Tryon Technology Park in Perth. He said the IDA board recently sold 92 acres of Vireo land for a project that could create 180 new full-time jobs.

“Good for the area, a good place there.” Tha Semione.

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