By MARK RICE, Ledger-Inquirer

COLUMBUS, Ga. (AP) – Food videos she makes in her Columbus kitchen are going viral on TikTok.

Gabrielle “Gabby” Williams is the woman behind the social media sensation. Her content has become so popular, copywriters motivated her to update the title of her account in “The ORIGINAL Disney Movie Food Series Creator”.

In six months, Williams has amassed 33.9 million likes and 1.3 million followers from more than 40 videos.

“I wanted to think of something new that I have not yet seen in any society,” she told the Ledger-Enquirer. “… Oh, man, you just got up from there, and I’m still shocked that we got here.”

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Williams, 32, and her 12-year-old daughter live with her parents in Midland. She is a 2007 graduate of Central High School in Macon and moved to Columbus seven years ago to be closer to family after her father, Rev. Fr. Reggie Williams, became pastor of the United Methodist Church of Columbus.

While taking online courses from the Los Angeles Film School for a bachelor’s degree in digital filmmaking, Williams wanted to combine her passions for Disney movies, cooking and baking in a rising deviation from the COVID-19 pandemic. She decided to start producing videos on New Year’s Day.

“I wanted to start doing something to help take people’s minds off negativity,” she said.

Williams reviewed her favorite Disney movies and listed the foods that appear in each scene. She also gets ideas from requests sent to followers. Making a few videos a week, she shows that she still has two years of ideas left.

Her daughter, Amaya, helps produce the video.

“It’s a big help,” Williams said.


Her most popular video, with about 34 million views, is a TikTok Sound called “I Love Him, I Made It”, which features pizza from “The Goofy Movie” and grubs (outside nocchi) from “The Lion King” .

“Very crazy,” she said.

But she thinks there is a rational reason for loyal followers.

“It makes them feel like kids again,” she said. “And this is the best compliment because this is exactly what I want. It feels so good. It almost makes me cry thinking about it. People grow up and lose a kind of magic they have as children. So reviewing all these different Disney movie clips and seeing the food just coming to life, it makes them feel that magic again and it just makes me happy.

Williams occasionally produces her own videos making food from non-Disney content, such as “Harry Potter”, “Coraline” and Nickelodeon – and she is planning a “Star Wars” week – but Disney remains her predominant theme.

Videos are approximately 1 minute, but it takes hours to make. Her most challenging was to bake that blue cake bent by “Sleeping Beauty”.

“It took me a whole day to do it,” she said. “She would not stay. I decided I was not going to make a full, giant cake. So I made some donuts, some cake donuts. Donuts would not stand. They kept falling. The cherry was tangled. So I had to redo the whole thing about twice. People can not see them all. They do not know enough – how much money and effort and time it takes to do so – but it’s worth it. ”

Williams has amassed enough followers (10,000 minimum) to be part of the TikTok Creators Fund. This allows it to be paid based on the number of views. Williams estimated that she has earned about $ 5,000 from the fund.

In her videos, Williams includes clips from the movies she refers to, plus music, but viewers do not hear her voice and do not see her face, only her hands.

“I like the fact that no one can really judge me by my appearance or anything else,” she said. “All you are judging is the food.”

Judging by the reaction on social media, this project is a proven success.

“Surreal surreal,” she said. “. . I’m just doing something in this little kitchen just for fun. It started as a complete hobby. ”

Now, it is a possible career.

“It opened so many doors,” she said.


Disney Plus emailed her an invitation to the “Luca” premiere. Although he could not travel to Los Angeles on time, Williams noted, “They definitely said, ‘We’re keeping you on the list. We have noticed you. “We love what you are doing.”

Netflix also emailed her, Williams said, asking her to create dishes from some of their content.

She plans to write a book containing her Disney food recipes. Williams also hopes to coordinate with Disney to create a restaurant serving Disney-themed food.

Disney has not warned him of possible infringement of their trademark, Williams said. In fact, she added, Disney social media accounts have appreciated her videos.

Newsweek, Yahoo, BuzzFeed, Travel & Leisure and even a British newspaper, Independent, are among the websites spreading its fame.

Positive feedback from the entertainment and media industry, as well as social media friends, boosted her confidence.

“They helped me through the different things I could have gone through that day,” she said. “They always make me feel better.”

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