When you watch a Food Network competition show, it’s all about cooking. How can anyone do something faster, either with the weirdest ingredients, or using items found in a grocery store. The bottom line is that everything has to do with cooking. But the new show Hungry for money looks to change it.

See, instead of hiring a chef to cook something, Hungry for money it will be all about how things taste. Can they figure out that something involves cinnamon just by trying it? What kind of cheese did the chef use? Is it the garlic I taste or the onion?

Hungry for money will reward the person with the best palate and that proves how good their senses are. It’s an original idea that could be exactly what the Food Network needs as an endless cycle chopped, Mundi Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri shows are all going through a bit stale if we are honest.

According to the Food Network website, Hungry for money will be hosted by newly discovered nutritionist Kal Penn, best known for the Harold and Kumar franchise, as well as House and visible guest appearances at shows as well The Big Bang Theory.

Hungry Money gives the winner $ 50,000 for the best tastes.

Hungry for money sees a range of chefs, food critics and home cooks, all putting their eyes to the test in an ever-increasing series of challenges. Each episode begins with a quick fire test minute where the goal is to identify specific ingredients. If they pass it, then they go to the Main Course Round, where things have turned a point.

Each episode of Hungry for money also includes a pair of panelists who can provide “Favor Favors” for contestants. Think of it as a lifeline to food. If they can survive, this is in the Final Trial where the winners will be rewarded with fifty thousand dollars.

For his part Penn sounds quite excited Hungry for money and is anxious to expand his food knowledge.

“I’m obsessed with the way food tells stories, so keeping Money Hungry is a lot of fun. The culinary knowledge and amazing desires of the competitors were so impressive – I learned a lot and I am excited for the viewers to see all the action. ”

Hungry for money is scheduled to execute five episodes with a special stealth preview on Sunday, July 25 at 10 PM before the show moves into regular time on Tuesday, July 27 at 10 PM.

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