BURTON, MI – The El Lucha Taco food truck spins with four generations of recipes used to create Mexican home cuisine.

Adam Mireles’s passion and skills for cooking date back to his grandparents, who often sold tacos in the 1950s at Flint’s Chevy in the Hole.

“My great-grandmother and great-grandfather were selling tako on the assembly line and they opened one of the first restaurants in Flint,” said Mireles, owner of the El Lucha Taco food truck.

The food truck features steak, ground beef, grilled chicken and veggie tacos, as well as giant quesadillas, tamales and burritos.

Customers can get a set of three beef tacos with flour tortillas for $ 9 or three ground beef tacos for $ 8. Steak heels cost $ 10 for three servings.

“My burritos are big,” Mireles said, with a hint of excitement in his voice. “I would say they are the size of a newborn baby.”

Burritos are filled with beans, rice, meat choices, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and sauce. Once the burrito is filled with ingredients it is surrounded by Dorito cheese and chips.

Burritos range from $ 10 to $ 15, depending on what extras are added.

Another client favorite on the menu is Mirele’s version of the standing taco, which he calls a walking party. The creation comes in a box with sauce, sour cream, jalapenos, sauce, cheese, meat, lettuce and tomatoes.

Mireles, who started his business in the food industry in 2016, grew up in the kitchen, was raised by his grandparents and took all the techniques his grandmother used to cook food for the family.

The native from Flint, 36, started his business with a hot dog cart and finally secured his food truck and focused more on the recipes he learned when he was young.

“Everything I do is done by myself. Guac – when you order guac, I make it fresh on the spot. Salsa – I make my own salsa that morning and am wrapped in four generations of recipes, my great-grandmother’s recipes, “said Mireles. “My ancestors were the biggest influence on me by making food, cooking food. “They taught me everything, Spanish, food, everything.”

Mirele’s great-grandfather is 98. He still cuts his own bar, does his shopping, cooks and is “sharp as a knife,” the nephew said.

On Saturdays, you can catch the food truck from noon to 10:30 pm parked at the Redline Brewing Company, 5470 Lapeer Road, in Burton.

The food truck also serves local events such as Swartz Creek Farmers’ Market and offers private activities or other events. To learn more, visit here.

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