ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Presbyterian and non-profit organizations Street Safe New Mexico and Street Food Institute are teaming up to get hot food for people in need. Tina Garcia-Shams is the executive director of the Road Food Institute, an entrepreneurship training program that also entered food distribution during the pandemic. Teamshte teamed up with Presbyterian to deliver hot food at her Food Pharmacy.

“We’re making about 100 meals from there,” Garcia-Shams said. And more meals for people who need them are on the way.

“They also asked if we would be interested in working with Street Safe. So we were definitely interested, “said Garcia-Shams. “I am always so inspired and impressed by the work they are doing. So I was happy to be involved. ”

According to a Facebook post by Safe Street New Mexico, the Presbyterian had products to give to people facing food insecurity. But the people they were trying to serve do not always have ways to cook food or have a hot meal. The Street Food Institute is now cooking food to give hot meals. The three started a new information site and will be delivering hot meals every Thursday at the Center near the Tramway. Garcia-Shams said the location was intentional.

“There are not many resources available there,” she said. The first delivery was last Thursday and Garcia-Shams gave 80 meals. Garcia-Shams said that at both the Food Pharmacy and the new contact point in Central, meals will mean a lot.

“I can not tell you how many people come and are so grateful that they go home and eat a hot meal and do not think to cook it right away,” she said. The Road Food Institute will be at the new Safe Street New Mexico contact site by August.

Garcia-Shams said people interested in getting involved can turn to any organization. The Food Pharmacy takes place every Wednesday from 12-3 pm. The new extension to the Center near the Tramway is at 13001 Central Ave. Occurs every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.