The campaign will raise monetary donations for the gift 100k pounds of nutritious dog food, FirstMate for pet food banks, easing the financial burden of the care needed for 100 households

OAKLAND, California., July 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Pet Food Express launches its annual Fill the Food Bank campaign to help hundreds of fights California families continue to care for their beloved dog (ies) with free, nutritious food and avoid handing over their pet to a shelter. from July 5 – August 1, Pet Food Express will raise monetary donations at its 64 stores in California and online at to benefit directly from local food banks, shelters and bailouts. 100% of the donated funds will be used to purchase and distribute 5 pound bags of nutrient-rich dog, FirstMate. The Pet Food Express has set a ,000 100,000 target for 2021 and will match the first 10,000’s 10,000 donated dog food.

Pet Food Express & # 39;  Complete the Food Bank Campaign to Feed CA Hungry Dogs with Feeders for the First Dog

Pet Food Express’ Complete Food Bank Campaign Feeds CA Hungry Dogs with First Mature Dog Foods

“Food donated through our Fill the Food Bank campaign will help a lot California families burdened by COVID with financial difficulties, “he said Megan Kniepkamp, Community Communication Manager at Pet Food Express. “As pet parents and passionate pet advocates, we understand the connection between a pet and its family. And during these times of probation, it is important that pet families remain intact for their well-being. everyone. “

Visit Fill Food Bank at to donate; locate the bank, shelter, or nearest food rescue; and to share the campaign with friends and family. or $ 10 gifts for donating a 5 pound bag of FirstMate dog food to a pet family in need. All 20 program partners are low-threshold or open-ended organizations who are only interested in the well-being of Of California pet population.

“Food banks are essential,” Kniepkamp continued. “They reduce the risk of a pet turning into an already over-taxed rescue and housing system by offsetting the cost of necessary pet care. We want pet owners to struggle to know that there is free assistance available for to keep their animals nourished, cared for, and with them in their home. “

The 2020 Fill the Food Bank campaign is back $ 210,000 in financial donations from customers to more than ,000 90,000 of high-quality pet food to benefit 17 partner organizations including food banks, rescue and shelters across the state.

Pet Food Express is proud to support Of California the animal rescue network through its Communication Communication programs such as its kitten season efforts. Learn more at, like the ones on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram and on Tweet for the latest updates on the Fill the Food Bank campaign.

Pet Food Express is Of California trusted pet expert dedicated to helping pets live longer, healthier lives. Established in 1986 by Michael Levy AND Mark Witriol, Pet Food Express has reimagined pet care by focusing on the best products. The company sells only those they trust to take care of pets. From the variety of nutrient-rich foods such as raw and freshly prepared foods and its high quality products as pet supplements to the extensive training that its customer service team receives for animals and shops. his neighborhood with animal wash stations and pet community support groups. The company has been steadily growing for more than three decades staying focused on its passion and purpose – animal protection. Pet Food Express has helped find homes permanently for more than 23,000 animals through its 64 California shops or as a host of the Bay Area Fair, the largest animal adoption event in North America. The company is a committed partner in more than 275 non-profit animal rescue and shelter organizations each year, providing much-needed assistance through fundraising, product donations, volunteer recruitment and retention assistance, and adoption support . Named the “Top Bay Area Workplace” for the past 9 years, the Dog Friendly Society is headquartered in Oakland, CA and are home to 200 employees. Learn more online at www.Pet Food.Express. Like them on Facebook. Follow them on Instagram and on Tweet.

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