EVANSVILLE, Ind. – “Eat Something Different” is the slogan at Poppa Bacon’s Street Kitchen, and that’s exactly what you can do on this food truck, which has a menu different from any other truck in town.

David and Lori Bacon are the owners. Unless there is a movie about a stressed corporate executive named “Mr. Bacon ”who moves to a small Midwestern town to be close to grandmas and open a food truck, must have, and that’s the plot, right here.

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Look for the Poppa Bacon Street Kitchen Truck in the Clear Creek neighborhood on the north side of Evansville on Wednesday evening.

David is from Windsor, Canada, which is across the river from Detroit. He also lived in China for a while and in Evansville for nine years in the early days, here is the family bond.

Lori greets from San Francisco; so, both value world food, cosmopolitan.

“I was an executive in the automotive industry for 20 plus years, and one of my hobbies was cooking,” David said. “I was a big guy in the food chain. We always talked about doing something different. So we decided to make a difference, to be close to the kids, to have a flexible schedule, to do something I am passionate about and to prolong my life. ”

David Bacon cooks thinly sliced ​​steak for a Texan sandwich in the pan while a second toast sandwich in a pan in his Poppa Bacon Street Kitchen truck on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

They have been back in Evansville since March. They took the time to rediscover a former taco truck and perfect recipes and have been on the road since late May, serving a menu inspired by classic dishes from around the world.

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David continues to be a foodie, and almost everything in the truck is made from scratch.