William Watkins is opening Healthy jaw foods and southern foods, 220 W. Sixth St., Little Rock, in the space recently occupied by Ohia Poke, perhaps best known as the location of several incarnations of Lulav (a version of the Lulav logo still stands on the east wall of the building) but also on the second floor Power Ultra Lounge. (An exchange of fire on June 30, 2017 that injured 28 people also forced the closure of the first floor of The Veg LLC.)

Watkins is aiming for its grand opening for October, but expects to do a tasting culinary catering by the end of August. He will serve what he calls “spiritual food for the sophisticated palate” lunch and dinner Wednesday-Friday, with late breakfast and dinner Saturday and brunch Sunday, landing, pick-up and drop-off, as well as catering and service for small events. He will apply for an alcoholic beverage license so he can offer wine, beer and some cocktails.

Watkins says he worked as a food supplier in Dallas for 18 years; before that, he was a police officer. He praises his grandmother for training him as a chef and providing recipes.

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We reported a few weeks ago that some eagle-eyed readers have seen the work that was happening at the time of the destruction Franke’s Cafe at Market Place Mall, 11121 N. Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock, and that the “for rent” sign that has been on the side of the building since July is now gone. Now another eagle-eyed reader reports seeing one Homer’s West truck outside, moving with as yet unconfirmed reports that the home cooking restaurant is planning a move down the street from Galleria Shopping Center, 9700 N. Rodney Parham. or Homer’s West the manager denied last week that any action was on duty. Interestingly enough, for whatever reason, the current address does not appear on Homer West’s website (homersrestaurant.com) or Facebook (facebook.com/HomersWest) – just “Little Rock, AR”. The restaurant phone number is (501) 224-6637.

Lea's Gourmet Dogs & Daiquiris is set to open Friday at 215 Center St., Little Rock.  (Arkansas Democrat Gazette / Eric E. Harrison)

Lea’s Gourmet Dogs & Daiquiris is set to open Friday at 215 Center St., Little Rock. (Arkansas Democrat Gazette / Eric E. Harrison)

Lea & Daiquiris Gourmet Dogs, 215 Center St., Little Rock, in what used to be your Mother’s Good Food, the original location of Three Folding Foils & Lamination Co., Hanaroo and Three Fold’s temporary Chicken Haybird “pop-up” could open as early as Friday – a surprise is if their mixed drink permit came on Wednesday – offering hot dogs, vegan dogs, nachos, chili pie and daiquiris. A little snooping around Facebook found a food truck called Lea-Lea Gourmet Dogs; we are still trying to confirm if there is a connection or just a coincidence. (By the way, there is an emphasis on “e” in Lea, so we guess it can be pronounced the same way as Princess Carrie Fisher played in “Star Wars.”) The time is 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Tuesday – Thursday, 11 a.m. – 11 a.m. Friday-Saturday, noon-6 p.m. Sunday. The telephone number listed on the door is (501) 615-8878.

Flint Flenoy reports that he is withdrawing from his plans to return them Flint-i Like mom, at Union Plaza Building, 124 W. Capitol Ave., Little Rock, at Flint South Fried Chicken, and is instead under-signing the space for it Mexican grill in Cotija, which operated across the street at 406 Louisiana St. since 2005. Flenoy says, and Cotija manager Leonardo Alvarez confirms, the target date to open in the new space is on or about August 1st. Flenoy and Alvarez say it’s a win – Situation Two – Flenoy says he will stop splitting his time into three ways and focus on his other two operations – Flint in the Regions on the ground floor of the Regions Building, 400 W. Capitol Ave., Little Rock, and Flint on the Flight Deck at the Central Flying Service flight training center, 2301 Crisp Drive, Little Rock, where he says the business has flourished. And Alvarez says he is happy to be leaving an old troubled building. (The Alvarez family, by the way, also operates La Hacienda.) Cotija’s telephone number is (501) 244-0733; The website is cotijaslr.com.

Hubcap Burger Co., 7410 Cantrell Road, closed last week, with a sign on the door – “A truck hit the ignition fan and we can not cook” – echoing this July 15 Facebook post (facebook.com/hubcapburger): “Well people, I know it’s hard to believe but we’re locked in until we get a new fan. A truck accidentally hit ours today and we can’t turn on any cooking utensils without a functioning fan. Hopefully, it won’t last any longer more than a week … crossed fingers “. There is a similar message in voicemail on the phone number, (501) 353-0130. The Hubcap was not reopened until Wednesday morning.

And talking about signs on the door, she at Italian Grill in Milan, 1800 Club Manor Drive, Maumelle, also reinforces a Facebook post (facebook.com/MilanosMaumelleAr): “[W]it will be temporarily closed from June 28 to July 28 to attend a family event. “There is a slight confusion as to when the service will resume – on Wednesday, according to the Facebook page, or, according to the sign, July 29. The number is (501) 734-8027.

Speaking of the most laid-back plans that have gone to waste, we reported a few weeks ago that restorer Ira Mittelman (Ira on Main Street, now Allsopp & Chapple, and Ira’s Park Hill Grill in North Little Rock, now North Bar) was about to open a restaurant called fork at Holiday Inn, 10920 Financial Center Parkway, Little Rock. Apparently those plans were never realized; the restaurant, we were told, opened briefly and then closed again, and a hotel representative tells us that he does not expect the restaurant to “move forward” at this time. Mittelman will not discuss the recorded situation. The hotel telephone number is (501) 225-1075.

Android Paranoid, the new café in Little Rock Technology Park, 417 Main St., formerly I sail blue, open – if that ‘s a true word – on Monday, a week after schedule, but has hit a hurdle, says Little Rock Creighton Ralls entrepreneur: “We’ve had constant issues of distributing and stocking equipment. Since today [Tuesday] we will close until we have delivered and installed all of our equipment, so we can serve our new customers our menu experience. “He’m looking at a ‘reboot’ date for the middle of next week. Ralls’ company, Cleopatra, also operates 2 Twenty1 on Second and Center streets and Cleo’s Corner, located within the Arkansas Department of Commerce, 1 Mode of Commerce in Little Rock’s Riverdale. Once up and running, the store will serve coffee and coffee-based drinks, breakfast and lunch options and pastries, 7:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. We are still waiting for a phone number; the website is theparanoidandroid.co.

The Third Street Amusement District, located south of River Market Amusement District, Second Street, Fourth Street and from Cumberland Street to River Market Avenue, is now operational. Patrons of bars and restaurants included Copper grill, Gypsy Bistro of Dizziness, Pub and Dugan, Lou me fat AND Hilton Garden Inn at the legal drinking age can take open-container beverages from one place, outside anywhere within the district boundaries and to other institutions within the district. Drinks, of course, must be in special cups approved for entertainment in the district, and customers must wear wristbands to show that they are of legal drinking age.

Aaron Fowler i Cypress Social is the chef featured for the third dinner at the 2021 Arkansas History Museum “History Served: Arkansas Foodways Dinner Series,” 4-9 pm. August 19. The focus is on corn, in line with the theme of the Arkansas iconic food series and because corn is the Arkansas Famous Food Hall of Fame 2021 Arkansas. Visitors will have their dinners at the back, 4-6 pm at the museum, 200 E. Third St., Little Rock and join a special Magnification program. Series Tickets – which also includes the October 21 series finale, focusing on apples, with Jonathan Arrington and Jack Sundell of Cafe Root – are $ 60, $ 50 for museum members. Visit bit.ly/3yWZRCh. For more information, call (501) 324-9351 or visit historikarkansas.org.

As it was in 2020, it will be custom online and through machine only for 2021 International Greek Food Festival, 11 am-7pm October 1-2 at the Greek Orthodox Church Anonymous, Drive 1100 Napa Valley, Little Rock. The fee bill will contain turnover, pastitsio, spanakopita, Greek meatballs, falafel, hummus and baklava and a range of other pastries and cakes. You will be able to place orders two weeks in advance. Proceeds, as always, will benefit a range of charities and nonprofits. Visit the website, greekfoodfest.com; the church phone number is (501) 221-5300.

And for Burger Rock City Week, Aug. 23-29, participating restaurants in Little Rock and North Little Rock will offer special $ 7 burgers; customers can print a “burger passport” and get a stamp showing the places where they are sitting down. A random drawing of submitted passports (with a minimum of four restaurants) will produce a winner who will receive the Ultimate Burger Cookout for 25 friends, including all adjustments, from the Arkansas Meat Council and Arkansas Livestock Farmers (through $ 1 per head of Checkoff beef established as part of the 1985 farm bill), Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and Ben E. Keith Foods. Meanwhile, the Beef Council will donate $ 1 each to the Arkansas Food Bank for the first 1,000 burgers sold.

Participating stakes in selling Little Rock and North Little Rock burgers include Buffalo Grill, Alley Oops, Great Whiskey, Hill Station, David’s burgers, Excaliburger, Hubcap Burger Co., box, Bennett Casual Dinner by Keith & Co., Rosie pot and kettle, Billiards in the middle of the city, City pump, Birth of Homer, Spawn and barley, Flyway Brewery, Cypress Social, Petit & Keet, Loca Luna, The Red Door, Little Rock of the west Corky’s, Diamant Bear Brewery AND Skinny J’s. For more information and to download a passport, rockcityburgerweek.com.

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