SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – People living near Covel Avenue and 26th Street in Sioux Falls have a secret they may not want to share with us.

They have discovered a new place to eat.

There is a restaurant. There is a guy on his way with a giant smoker and a passion for food.

Meet Ronald Blackman. Not long ago, he started cooking for family and friends on Friday.

“I did it once when I went out and sold Barbeques and after that I just got up,” Blackman said.

Usually, he cooks big meals in his “Jethro” giant pit BB 350 gallons. But today is Ronald’s 4th birthday / birthday tradition: Seafood is boiling.

“You’re lucky I saved the crab legs, you have lobster claws,” he told one of his regular clients.

Today $ 15 will get you an authentic southern meal.

“People will come here and they will come and get their food and some of them stay and sit and talk,” Blackman said.

In today’s menu, crawdads, lobster, crab and potatoes.

“You evaporate? Ha ha! Ronald laughed.

And on the grill, smoked chicken and crab cheese. For those who have been lucky enough to discover this highway dinner, it has been one of a kind experiences.

Jerad Warkenthien discovered Ronald’s cooking while he and other city workers were working on a project in front of Ronald’s house one day.

“He came and talked to us and said he was doing a barbecue and come and drink a bite and we did and it was delicious,” Warkenthien said.

And now they come back every Friday. Warkenthien says his favorite is smoked pork loin and Ronald’s deserts.

“I put that peach shoemaker in the smoker, so it gets some smoky flavor and caramelizes the peaches,” Blackman said.

“Ever since I was a small child, my father and I always cooked together and he taught me everything I know. People say how do you do that? And I think it’s hard for me to tell them because I’m not using recipes! ”

The boys of the town will probably not be very happy with us here in KELOLAND because now we have shared their secret.

But the good news is that Ronald has a hotel business and is in the process of building a food truck, to bring his cooking to many more of us.

Ronald is licensed to cook on his way and undergoes health inspections.

His business is called “R Cross M Big Country” hotel business. Click here for a link to his Facebook page.