The city of Burien hopes to expand its culinary range with the help of food trucks. In early 2021, the city council approved plans for the Burien Food Truck Pilot Program. Now that the state of Washington has reopened, the city can safely move forward with applications.

Van and Amanda Kirk are the owners of Burien Fish House. Before serving their California fish tacos to customers at their restaurant, they first made it from a food truck for years.

“It was a good start for us because it was an affordable start,” Van Kirk said.

Affordable start-ups have helped them grow their business over the last 10 years. Now they operate in a custom built kitchen.

This example of success is a goal that other entrepreneurs in the area want to enjoy. Part of the city’s pilot program hopes to encourage “the growth of food-oriented businesses that can then invest in a brick-and-mortar site in Burien”.

“I think it’s an opportunity for people who can’t open a restaurant. It gives them an opportunity to go out there and show what they can do,” said Amanda Kirk.

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With the exception of a couple neighborhoods, city officials said most of the area’s dining is limited to downtown. One of the goals of the pilot program is to provide more food opportunities in neighborhoods that do not have as many places to eat.

The Kirks said they like the plan, but have some concerns.

“It’s the first step in growing yourself, growing your brand, you name, your food, who you are. But still, the restaurants that have been set up do not prefer to see a food truck outside their business and / or steal the business. ours, “said Furgon

The city council approved several regulations and guidelines, including where to park. For example, if a food truck wants to be set up within 50 meters of a business – including existing restaurants – food trucks must first obtain the business owner’s permission. Permits will be required to operate within the city.

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The Kirks prepared their own ideas of where the trucks should go.

“If these food trucks are in a parking lot or designated area gathered together, it will benefit the nutritionist to have choices in that place,” Van said. “It benefits the foodies because they can go there and have a hamburger and have a burrito, Asian food, Hawaiian food, all in one place. My wife and I would also go there after work and we saw the elections all within the distance of each other “

Applications for the pilot program are available online. Once enough trucks are registered, the program will open for one year. The city council will then decide whether the idea should be made permanent.

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