Danville – Instead of parents and carers going to food delivery in Danville schools, school buses are coming to them and their neighborhoods this Friday.

Friday was the first day of the mobilized wine distribution of the Danville School District 118 food service department.

Six buses are providing food.

The program started later than originally expected.

“We pushed him back to work through some logistical concerns,” according to Zetta Piggott, director of food services D118.

Buses will be parked from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., containing meals for ages 2 to 18, at the Fair Oaks administration building, Vermilion Gardens, South View, Meade Park, Beeler Terrace and Bismarck and Main streets. .

There will also be a bus that has a dual location, stopping at Tilton for the Southwest Elemental community.

“We are increasing participation as the state has asked us to do,” Superintendent Alicia Geddis said at a school board meeting in May.

Leaflets for the program have been sent.

The leaflet reads “Continuing to care for our children. Stop by communities every Friday. Insurance: breakfast and lunch; new entries; cooking from scratch; complete packaged meals for heating (our four-for-four version); delicious and nutritious.

Previous summer food programs were in designated locations, such as Fair Oaks and Laura Lee Fellowship House; and during the school year, food deliveries were only to certain schools.

The food service department also provides food for the summer school in five schools.

“We saw needs in the current community,” Piggott said. “Some of the families did not have transport to get to the real place.”

“We decided to give it a try and go to the community,” she said.

They plan to feed about 200 students, with about 40 bus meal sets.

“But if we understand by the end of Friday if we need to eat more, we will make adjustments for next week,” Piggott said.

The food service staff will distribute four breakfasts and four lunches to the students.

Some lunches will have household items such as spaghetti made with meat sauce and chicken pot pie; or other food like hot dog and chips.

Individually packaged frozen items are kept safe, to be thawed and heated, Piggott said.

There will be signs on the buses indicating they are for the summer food program.

The buses will operate on Friday at least until August 13th.

The D118 has received phone calls asking about the service, and Piggott said they are happy to offer it.