While there are many reasons you may feel tired and looking for ways to boost your energy, sometimes the solution is not just a look at your refrigerator or pantry.

Foods rich in nutrients can definitely boost and support your energy. And one or two handfuls of food combinations can provide a faster and longer energy pop.

Mix and match your favorites: instant energy bursts come from fast-digesting carbohydrates – think fruits, vegetables or whole grains – while prolonged energy comes from fats (a longer digestive process that provides a stable fuel).

Check out some key combinations that are portable and easy to prepare:

Grapes and cheese

Grapes are the candy of nature. They contain a lot of natural fruit sugar and are easily digested for an immediate energy. Combined with a cheese ration (the size of your thumb) that contributes to fat and protein, you will get a steady energy.

Fat is digested more slowly and also slows down the digestion of other nutrients in your stomach. Cheese provides the added value of much-needed dietary calcium.

Whole wheat crackers and peanut butter

Be sure to choose a complete carbohydrate for optimal nutrients. They are easily digested for fast energy. Your body sees all carbohydrates as the same, no matter which source stays that way with nutrient-dense foods. Filled with peanut butter, you get steady energy from fat and protein.

Carrots and humus

Carrots are a vegetable with a touch of natural fruit sugar – a perfect pure carbohydrate for quick energy. Creamy, fat-containing hummus (made from chickpeas and tahini) supports your energy longer.

Remember that there are no bad food combinations or those that do not go together as long as you are choosing healthy foods. Mix and match to your preferences and avoid boredom.

Make sure they are your food pairs both healthy – a “junk” food accompanied by a healthy does not work! So, bypass the giant pan of raisins, accompanied by wire cheese, reduce and pay attention to both the nutrients and the portion size.