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Happy fourth weekend next July, everyone! We have a lot to celebrate this week and for many of you, this will be a great chance to get together a bit like the old days. For me in the summer, that means breaking the grill and having some creations. In the spirit of that celebration and to come to the square for the incredible display of fireworks set on the street by my neighbors, I have put together a couple of beers and snacks based on what might be on your menu this quarter.

classical hot all american dog calls for another classic with American noise. I like to keep it fairly simple and avoid anything overly hectic or complex. Bingo Lager is a big favorite here and would shine in this app. Based on Helles style, you have your balance and high drinkability here. Bonus points are rewarded for being a great value for a six pack of long cans.

I want, I love, love a porter with cheese burgers off the grill. Especially if you cook on charcoal, the delicious aroma of a porter is perfectly paired with the little charcoal of the meat. The goal for this pairing is to not go too heavy and skip anything overloaded. (Sorry for the coffee or coconut, you’s delicious sometimes, but I’m staying busy here.) My choice happens to come right from our backyard on Porter Port City street. Even at 7.2%, this dark ale will not lower you to an early sleep time as long as you drink – not restless.

whether veggie burgers are on the menu, it can be hard to give a recommendation that fits all styles. If you have something that looks and tastes more like meat, then I would suggest the above keeper or maybe a dark pan. If you are going with something that does not hide the fact that it is full of vegetables, a slightly more fragrant ale like saison is a good choice. In the heat of summer, a shredder is a fantastic option and it happens to us to have one of the ones I really like from Elder Pine. Grizzette will be very similar to the style of a saison but with a lower amount of alcohol for a much more enjoyable choice.

Dry Crispy and Bingo Brewing

Grilled chicken is another fantastic Fourth of July option. He also gives himself a number of different preparations. If you have a simple grilled chicken breast, I like an American wheat beer, especially with a bit of citrus to garnish things, and I would recommend grabbing the Lost Coast Mandarin. Maybe you are thinking of adding a sweet barbecue sauce to some grilled thighs, in which case I would switch to a classic California Common or Steam beer. When in doubt, I say go to the classic Steam Anchor (now in cans with new disruptive labels too!). whether arms or any other liberal use of Buffalo-style sauce is on the plans that an IPA in the West Bank will help accentuate that heat, and I could not recommend the Gray Life of the Royal Front any more.

If you have it brats or any other type of sausage hitting the grill, remember Pal Ale. More malt varieties will complement the caramelization of the meat and hoppies varieties will bring some spice. I say go best in both worlds with Alpha King from 3 Floyds. It has a strong backbone of pine malt of classical and citrus origin.

Finally, if you are like my home and are deciding to smoke pork soup this holiday weekend, I would ask you to consider pairing the reward of your meticulous pork process with a sourdough brick. Flanders red or Oud Brun with their acetic acid swings are absolutely phenomenal in this pairing but are becoming increasingly difficult to find. I find that faster lactic-based sauces like a Berliner Weiss or Gose are refreshing, but without the strong acidity, they just aren’t cut the same way. It’s a special bottle, but also a special occasion, and I would recommend opening a bottle of one of my all-time favorites, the category that hits Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien. A Swiss Bier de Garde was aged in a mixture of different barrels and mixed together once a year to create a vintage printed on the label. At 11%, this is definitely the highest octane beer on this list. It usually gets people thinking the right way by comparing this to a sour barley, but it really is just the tip of the iceberg.

Probably most important of all, remember what to drink while you are standing outside and grilling this amazing holiday. Low ABV and high refresh rate are in high demand. I am going there and I am recommending Delmon Lemonade Shandy from Narragansett because it is delicious. Lemonade and beer – already perfectly mixed in cans? I was trying to do that job myself, breaking ratios and combinations (lemon and a light Mexican-style lager win if I like to mix), but if I have more than two people coming, that’s a lot of work! In the light tart and fruity category, DuClaw’s Lil Sour Me America is branded for the occasion and also delivers all the classic scents of those red, white and blue rockets that I remember following the ice cream truck over the summer.

So there are plenty of beers and, to be honest, if you want to drink a west coast IPA with your hamburger or a sour watermelon with your BBQ chicken, I say go well. If you have good food and good company, then that beer will always taste a little better. Experience and placement play such a big role in couples. As long as you do not think too much, you will be in great shape. I have put together another collection on our website, but all of these are also available in the store, so log in and see me.